Dr. Elllis taking a patients blood pressure.

Dr. Anne Ellis

MD, MSc, FRCP(C), FAAAAI. Specializing in Internal Medicine, and research in the Allergy and Immunology fields to improve patient care.

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15 May 2020
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Introduction. Dr. Ellis manages a team of professionals responsible for different aspects of her career and practice. Please choose the appropriate liason for your request from the list below.

Allergy Research and Privacy. Lisa Steacy ( captcha protected email ) manages the clinical research and day-to-day operations of Dr. Ellis' KHSC and Queen's research projects.

Clinical Practice. Danielle Simpson ( captcha protected email ) provides administrative support for Dr. Ellis’ clinical practice and non-clinical professional activities. Please review the new patient guidelines before reaching out via email.

IT and Data. Tyler McGill ( captcha protected email ) manages this website, the data and much of the information technology that runs the day-to-day operation of Dr. Ellis' research and practice. Don't worry about the details of your request, he's happy to sort them out with you!