Dr. Elllis taking a patients blood pressure.

Dr. Anne Ellis

MD, MSc, FRCP(C), FAAAAI. Specializing in Internal Medicine, and research in the Allergy and Immunology fields to improve patient care.

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01 Oct 2020
What To Do In A Pandemic When Your Research Is Not Essential.

Watch the presentation at Queen's University by Dr. Ellis and the following comments. Note the first 2 min and 21 seconds are silenced.

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13 Apr 2020
Allergy Season Concerns During the Pandemic.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, allergy sufferers have some new concerns to deal with. Queen's University allergy researcher Anne Ellis explains the best way to deal with springtime allergies.

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10 Apr 2020
Allergies or Coronavirus?

It’s spring, and across much of Canada, that means the start of allergy season. But this year, allergy sufferers might be more anxious than usual, wondering whether their sniffles are just allergies, or the start of a novel coronavirus infection.

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